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Open Thread, 6/23: Friars vs Sox


I envy teams like the Red Sox, the Reds, and the White Sox for having a color in their name because then you don't end up with these weird issues of completely reinventing your uniforms every 8 years.

As much as outsiders hate them, I really enjoy the orange and brown unis. They're phunky.

Anyone who judges uniforms based on color has racist tendencies.

I'm not so much worried about the offense, but I was a little bummed that we didn't swing the bats better just to stick it to Magadan a little bit.

Keep in mind that we were literally one flyout away from winning that game. Luck of the draw saw the bases loaded in the first, but Dice-K settled in and got out of it.

I think Dice-K is a little chubbier than when we saw him at the World Classic. Must be all them baked beans.

Bostonians hate the way that New Yorkers talk about Boston as if its an inferior city to New York, but Bostonians talk about every single other city in the universe in that exact same way. I find that irritating.

If you ever visit Boston, don't plan on doing the Freedom Trail by foot unless you bring snacks because the painted blue line on the sidewalk doesn't lead you into any restaurants.

If you ever visit Boston, don't trust maps. Instead, trust the little old ladies on the trains. They know where you should be.


Knuckleballer tonight. I'm hoping our guys square up on a few. Last night was a great pitching duel, which of course means tonight will be a slugfest. Who's psyched!?!