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Boston taking over Petco Park

This just in... apparently the Boston Red Sox brought just about their entire front office to San Diego for this series.  Boston's front office is made up of many former San Diego employees that followed Lucchino to Boston.

They have also made numerous demands and want special treatment because "they built" this park.

As you know Larry Lucchino played a big part in building Camden Yards and Petco Park.  However when the going got tough here in San Diego and lawsuits stopped construction, Lucchino cut his losses and left for Boston.  Now that the park is built they are acting like they own the place.

Apparently when Sandy Alderson entered his office this morning Lucchino was sitting behind his desk with feet up.  Lucchino was wearing one of Alderson's kimonos, flirting with Alderson's secretary and ordering his staff to re-decorate the office so that it was more too his liking.  Alderson's office was temporarily moved to Randy Jones BBQ in the outfield.

Former employees and low level staff from the Boston Red Sox are annoying current employees by suggesting hip places to eat downtown (Subway, TGIF and Hooters) and promising to tell stories of how they single handedly built the ballpark and re-energized the Gaslamp District.


Update [2007-6-22 14:4:26 by jbox]:

The Padres Front Office fights back! A brave Padres employee told Boston employees that there is a "secret" Dunkin' Donuts in TJ serving up coffee. That should buy the Paders a couple hours of quiet where they don't have to hear that accent.