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I don't think we (as fans) deserved a win today

Honestly, if we can't accept the fact that every now and then we'll take a loss in baseball, then we don't deserve to ever win. Do you know how many games you have to lose to get to 95 wins? Think about it.

What does insulting the other team do? Especially after we lose to them? It opens us up to jerkoffs to be able to knock us off of our high horses. Don't you realize why the Yankees are despised? It isn't because of the amount of money that they spend on their team. I'm serious it's not.

It's because they and their fans feel entitled.

That's something that I never want to feel and I'm glad for every time that I get knocked down a notch. It's called humility. The people that you see on the way up are the same ones that you see on the way down and having commentary so negative that I can't tell who's joking and who isn't, well that's just no way to behave.

I'm not telling anybody how to behave, but I just know sore losers when I see it, and I'll go ahead and call it out.

Also, I blame Jonny Dub.