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Open Thread, 6/21: Padres vs Orioles

RUBBER MATCH! No vlog style to day. Sorry. I don't even know why I did it twice considering how uncomfortable it made me feel. That's my own little way of getting over my shyness and anxiety.

Today, we've got ourselves Boomer vs Bedard. Last night was a thumping and I'm hoping it was directly related to the fact that we traded for Barrett, and now that he's with the team, everybody realizes how great a dude he is and nobody's thinking about Bowen anymore.

Dry your eyes, Padres. Let's pull this rubbermatch out.

A little analysis... Nobody's really faced Bedard except Cheo and Blum. Blum has gone oh-fer. Cheo has 2 hits in 8 ABs. As far as Orioles who've seen Boomer, Tejada owns our Baby Hell's Angel to the tune of 1.056 OPS. That's on-base plus slugging to you and me. Did we manage to break Tejada's hand yesterday? No? Oh... well that's good... Don't want anybody getting hurt...