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Adrian Gonzalez is cool, I'm lame

So Gaslamp Baller BondsBeliever hooked me up with a free ticket to San Diego Hall of Champions, where Adrian Gonzalez spoke and answered some questions.  They served us lunch and it was just real cool.

The problem is that I'm lame.  There was a chance that I was going to get a press credential after the lunch and get to ask him a few questions, so I was frantically writing stuff down.  I know I've had two days to think up decent questions, but I had nothing.  Ugh, I'm so lame.  It didn't end up happening though.

Anyway I asked the first question in the Q&A.  Nobody was raising their hands and I wanted to make sure I got one question in, in case it ended early.  Here's the thing, it wasn't that I was nervous, it's just that I had absolutely nothing to ask him.  Plus he's so quiet and laid back that you just feel awkward jumping in with a funny question.  I thought maybe I'd get a chance later and kind of work up to those.

There had been some discussion on the radio earlier about how the Pads had caught Rich Hill tipping his pitches to the Pads on Sunday and that's why they hit him so hard.  I asked him about that.  I know it's a stupid question, I know this.  He's like "Nah, he was just leaving his pitches out over the plate and they were really straight without much movement.  If he was tipping we probably wouldn't have hit so many home runs".

I got audio tape of the Q&A but nobody really asked any good questions.  Adrian was also really being respectful and was just answering with very politically correct answers, which was fine.  He truly loves San Diego and thanked the KT and Alderson several times for bringing him here.

BondsBeliever had reserved a Gaslamp Ball retired numbers shirt like 6 months ago and I was going to give it to him, but he said that we should give it to Adrian and he'd get one eventually.  So I went up and gave Adrian the shirt and we took a picture, but it wasn't like he was going to put it on or hold it up and there were other people waiting to get him to sign stuff. We put our arms around each other's backs and that was pretty strange too, I think we freaked each other out. His wife took the shirt and put it in her purse, at least she didn't throw it out. Anyway, I feel like I let everybody down.  

Then I saw KT and Sandy sitting over at the other table.  I went up and got a picture of KT, but again didn't know what to ask KT.  "So Barrett, huh?"  That's all I could come up with, plus he had just said that he had to leave real quickly before I got the picture.  

I blew it.  Sorry.  I'm lame.