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An Open Message to Adrian Gonzalez

Dear Adrian,

Gaslamp Ball gave you a shirt earlier today. Someday, we want the number 23 to appear on a future version of the shirt. We're extremely huge fans of yours and upon arriving at the Sports at Lunch event, we found ourselves awed in your presence.

Unfortunately, try as we might to ask you a relevant question, we ended up asking you a question about whether or not Rich Hill was tipping his pitches, which is a really lame question. We know.

Afterwards, we tried to muster the nerve to ask you a more meaningful question... Maybe a question that you'd hear and think, that's a f_ckin' great question! Unfortunately again, such a question did not come to us in time.

This is why you do great things and why we only write a blog.

However, seeing as you have the t-shirt and probably have internet access, we wanted to take this opportunity to extend to you an invitation to sit with us for a proper interview wherein we ask truly relevant questions. If you could email one of us: dex at gaslampball dot com or jbox_gaslamp at yahoo dot com, we would love the opportunity to redeem ourselves to you, our readers and to the sinking feeling in our collective gut that is, right now, telling us how lame the Rich Hill question was.

Thanks for your consideration.

All the best,

The Authors of Gaslamp Ball