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Anyone willing to punch Carlos Zambrano and/or A.J. Pierzynski is OK by me

I don't particularly like Carlos Zambrano. Seeing him come out of the clubhouse with his pants half on just to try to attack Chris Young didn't sit very well with me. I don't mind A.J. Pierzynski's act, but the dude could use a punch to the nose every now and then.

What is it about the enemy of your enemy is your friend? Well, now it's (semi-)official. Apparently, the Padres have acquired Michael Barrett. They don't say who we moved for him, but I like to imagine that Barrett played against the Padres and then requested amnesty from the heck on earth that is the Chicago Cubs.

The only unfortunate is that Barrett will no longer be able to fight the evils of Chicago baseball from within. He'll have to throw stuffed animals from the outside like the rest of us.

Update [2007-6-20 10:53:6 by Dex]: Word on the street is that we moved Bowen and Kyler Burke. Who else on the Cubs can we provide amnesty to?

Update [2007-6-20 11:3:29 by Dex]: Discussion on Bleed Cubbie Blue. No consensus yet, though it looks like people are leaning towards realizing that the Cubs were attempting an addition by subtraction, but may not have received enough in return. I always thought Bowen was a decent catcher.