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Open Thread, 6/2: Padres vs Nationals

I'm going to try my hand at opening this open thread again. If the Padres can't pull out a win this time, no more opening the open thread for me. Although the last time I opened it for Geronimo, he came away with a win. So maybe I don't have as much mystical power as I'd like.

We've been getting a lot of nice community activity lately and if I might be so bold... Lots of you send me and jbox links to the latest Padres news and we love it, but when things get really busy, we often don't get a chance to put things up. Rather than just throw the links into a comment, might I suggest that somebody take it upon themselves to start a Daily Link Dump? here's an example.

Throw whatever you want in there and anything that needs particularly in depth commentary, we can pull up to the front.

Or just keep doing what you're doing. You know. We're good like that. Up next: Geronimo vs somebody with an 8.39 ERA... ummm...