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SDSU Sports MBA Graduation at Petco Park

Congrats Dex and to a lesser extent the rest of his class!

The Friar was very "friendly" that day, very grabby hands on that guy.  He's very comfortable with himself.  Just looking at this photo of the Friar laid out on the grass in that pose creeps me out.  My relationship with him is uncomfortable at best at this point.

We saw one of our very first readers, David, from back when we were with the old blog. Everybody was so touched that he came out to watch Dex graduate until we found out that he was just there to support one of his other friends.

Richard Andersen, the Executive VP, Ballpark Management & General Manager/PETCO Park was the lead speaker at the ceremony.  When he was introduced I wondered if they should hire a consultant to give their employees shorter titles.

Mr. Andersen, or Rich as I call him, gave a very thoughtful speech that made you check yourself.  He questioned whether we were seizing opportunities and passionate about our work.  He told us of how he started driving buses for the Braves Organization and then became GM of a Minor League Club.  He talked of how he was so poor that he lived in his office and showered in the clubhouse, but loved every minute of it.

It was a good story, but I wonder if he's always talking about it at the office to his co-workers and employees.  "You think you have it so tough!  Why I used to drive a bus for a nickel a day and lived in my office and I didn't even own shoes until I was 28 years old!"

I admit there was a part of his speech that confused me though, I wish there was a question and answer portion to the ceremony.  He told us that we should always be on the look out for new opportunities and a chance to grow in our career.  Then he says we should focus our complete attention on our most important job, our current job.  So which is it?  

Beautiful day in downtown San Diego and a really nice ceremony.  The after party was at the Altitude Sky Bar at the Marriott and let me say the view from the top was breath taking on clear sunny day.  I bet it bums you out though if you have to look at that and then get back on a plane for North Carolina.

Congrats Dex!