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Padres 1, Cubs 0

I come back from Petco Park and I check to see what the final score was and I see this picture on the front of and I was SHOCKED!

Nam Y. Huh/AP has the entire brawl up on the their website.

I'm recording the replay so I don't want to comment on it quite yet.

I'm just blown away... WOW!

Update [2007-6-17 1:29:15 by jbox]:

Here's my take on the fight. I just got finished watching it from both the 4SD broadcast and the WGN.

There was absolutely no reason for Chris Young to throw at Lee. He was pitching a stellar game and had zero outs. He had Lee on a 1-2 count. Neither Lee or Young had anything to do with Soriano, Peavy or Wells and the comments that were said in the press. There really isn't a good reason for Young to throw at Lee. I think it is fair to say that the ball just simply got away from him. He's a high fastball pitcher, it's happened before he's not a head hunter. Young is out there trying to win the game not trying to take revenge on Soriano, that doesn't even make the slightest bit of sense. Why would he risk getting kicked out of the game and/or putting Lee on first base when hits were at a minimum on both sides?

To be fair, I can understand Lee being upset. Even if it was an accident, when somebody throws a fastball in the vicinity of your head, you get a charge of adrenaline and you are likely to get angry. Lee was pissed and started yelling stuff at Young. It was hard to tell what Young said, it didn't look like he was trying to provoke Lee in anyway.

Lee reached out to grab Young with his left hand and then threw a punch with his right. In the 4SD feed they ran this part in slow motion, it looks like Lee made contact on Young on his left cheek. The commentators on 4SD noticed that there was a red splotch where the hit occurred. Young retaliated and threw punches back, it didn't look like any real contact was made.

Peavy runs out of the dugout in an end around type motion. At this point you can either say Lee ducked behind his manager to be held back or was trying to use him to get away from Peavy to get to Young.

Now if Peavy was going to be aggressive and/or malicious he would have just sucker punched Lee when he got behind him, but instead he just bear hugged him to hold his arms and wrap them up. In my opinion he was just trying to protect Young, since he didn't throw a punch or really do anything but hold Lee. Lee and Peavy were only knocked to the ground after the rest of the Cubs overtook them.

Now what really confuses me. What the hell was the reason for Zambrano taking off his belt? That was just f'n weird.

Props to Marcus Giles for getting in between Young and Lee so quickly and holding Young back.

Update [2007-6-17 2:2:38 by jbox]:

SignOnSanDiego has an article with quotes from those involved. I think this confirms that the pitch wasn't meant to hit Lee and Lee admits that he just lost his temper, which is somewhat understandable if you have a fast ball thrown at your head. Of course it would have been better to not throw a punch. Doesn't look like this had anything to do with the Soriano incident.