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This Losing Streak is OVER!

The hitting sucked, the luck was bad, the bullpen blew it, the coaching was questionable and Verlander pitched a no hitter.  Big deal!  

It's time we started acting like men. Even the women!  Adjust your cup, cuss a little bit and spit some tobacco juice.

Pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong in the last 4 games.  It's not going to be like this forever.  This is just some strange anomaly that even the best ball clubs go through.

Losing streaks like this happen to every team.  We've got the one thing that none of these other teams have.  The greatest starting pitcher in all of baseball.  Any losing streak is going to have to go through Jake Peavy, and if they win today they are going to have earn it.  No amount of bad luck or poor decision making is going to help them beat Peavy.  No sir!

Chin up!  Grit your teeth!  Roll up your sleeves!  Clench your fists!  Stick out your chests!  We're Padres fans!