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11-4, Devil Rays tag Padres bullpen for 8 runs

Our bullpen is in a world of suck.  Maddux had a great start even after terrible umpiring.  As soon as I saw Cla warming up in the bullpen I knew we were in trouble.  Pepe Negro needs to start using his talent differently.  

I think these past couple of weeks have shown that you can lean on a few guys in a bullpen for a month or so, but it won't last.  You've got to spread out the work.  Kevin Cameron is sitting on the bench with a .44 ERA and has only had two appearances in the last month!  Justin Hampson has made four appearances in the last month and he has an ERA of 1.00.

Since May 12th here's the number of appearances per pitcher:

Kevin Cameron:  2
Justin Hampson:  4
Doug Brocail:  10
Cla Meredith:  12
Scott Linebrink:  13
Trevor Hoffman:  13
Heath Bell:  14