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General House Keeping

  • Diary entries are a great way to express your opinions on the Padres.  Please do not use them just to share a link.  Gaslamp Baller Winfield's Ghost has been really good about making "link dump" diaries where you can share a good link that you've found.  If you have an opinion that you'd like to share based on the link and you've put some thought into it then a Diary is perfect.  A small minority have also found a way to cheat the 300 character limit of the Diary.  If your diary is less then 300 characters than your thoughts may be better expressed in a comment.  On that note, we've been getting some really good participation (Diaries, Comments and Drawings) recently and Gaslamp Ball thanks you.
  • Can we please keep the Rally Unicorn in his enchanted stable for a little while.  Most of this is my fault, but our home page looks like a seven year old girl's Trapper Keeper from the 80's.  It would be sad to see the sacred beast lose it's magical powers by being called to work too often.  Our mythical equine friend needs to rest upon rainbows, eat Skittles and frolic in the dreams of children around the world.
  • Dex and I have contacted Astro Pitch about creating the official Gaslamp Ball online store.  I don't think we've heard back yet, but they create a lot of the stores for SB Nation sites.  Hopefully we can get this going and meet your t-shirt needs once again.  Astro Pitch is a company that will do all the boring and time consuming work that comes with selling t-shirts. They will produce shirt, mail it and even provide customer service.  With this in place, Dex and I should be able to sit back and come up with ridiculously crazy t-shirt ideas for you.