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Ahhh the Padres / Mariners Series is finally over

We thank all the Lookout Landing folks for dropping by.  Especially the ones who had a sense of humor about our "rivalry".  See the joke was that we both have a general disinterest in each others teams and yet Major League Baseball insists we are rivals.  So we traded jabs and insulted each other the best that we could without any real motivation.  Some folks took the insults too seriously, but that's okay too, maybe we've planted some seeds of hatred where a true rivalry can grow.

For the large majority of us we became friends.  We laughed, we shared open threads, we agreed that we hated other teams much more than each other.  We tried our best to really spark a rivalry but it just wasn't happening.  So fare thee well Mariner fan, maybe we can learn to hate each other another time and we can become true rivals.  Until then please get your team out of our fine city, they are really harshing our mellow.