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Some stuff to read... Week in review edition

I can't believe how busy I've been this week. I've been completely swamped with work and school. Big conference next week and I'll be back in San Diego the week after for graduation and some much needed rest. Let's shake the bag and see what comes out...

First off, from last night:

Mike Cameron is to Pirates bullpen, what lawnmower is to grass. For the record, I don't see what the big deal is in getting all of our guys swinging at once. Wouldn't we rather have enough of our guys swinging at once?


More updates through the day...

Update [2007-6-1 10:26:24 by Dex]: Adrian Gonzalez to be interviewed on ESPN First Take today. ESPN has such a San Diego bias.

Update [2007-6-1 11:36:22 by Dex]: Forgot to credit FanGraphs for the chart. Really great info on the site if you're like me and enjoy charts.