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Angry Bard storms the field

Pads' Bard, Black ejected in 11th after disputing HR call

"I ran around the bases, I thought it was a home run," Bard said. "My intent wasn't to go out and go after anybody. But after looking at the video, they got the call right. I made a mistake."

The ump signaled Josh "Story time" Bard back to second base after what was originally called a home run. When Bard took the field he was immediately ejected. These screen shots clearly show he was just trying to take the field to find his place at second as the umpire requested. Unfortunately the umpire was in between Bard and second base and that's the reason that he made accidental contact with him. So really this whole thing is just a big misunderstanding. Can't we all get along?

So what do you think the result of this brawl will be? A fine? A suspension? Jail time? I bet the commissioner will make an example out of him and give him hard labor on a chain gang.

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