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Emmanuel Lewis Update

Remember a few months ago when we found out that Emmanuel Lewis and Ryan Klesko are best buddies?  Remember how Gaslamp Ball got our hands on exclusive pictures of the two together?  We wondered how those two would even meet, but now the picture becomes a little bit clearer.

 Corey Brock reports that Emmanuel Lewis was hanging out in the Padres clubhouse last night.  The reason he was there was because he lives in Atlanta.  So he and Klesko must have met while Klesko was playing for the Braves.  They probably met in the clubhouse one night, Klesko was nervous about meeting his childhood hero, neither knew what to say until Klesko tickled him and Emmanuel's infectious laugh broke the tension.  Klesko's troubles at the plate that night just melted away as Emmanuel's laughter made Klesko feel like a boy again.  Klesko probably never felt so alive as he did at that moment and he probably insisted that they go deep sea fishing in the off season. Klesko probably took many acquaintances deep sea fishing, but this time it was different, this time he had caught his limit before he even stepped on the boat.  Klesko had reeled in a 3 ft nothing actor who would become his confidant, his fishing buddy, his wingman, his acting coach and his friend.