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Trevor Hoffman on First and Ten

He's going to be on shortly and I'm going to attempt to live blog it. It's been a while since we've lived blogged anything so I want to make sure my skills are still there.

Update [2007-5-8 11:23:48 by Dex]: OK. We're back from commercial. Where's Trevor? They're talking Indians and Orioles.

Update [2007-5-8 11:25:14 by Dex]: Who's hot and not... Mariano Rivera sucks. Greatest closer ever? Pshaw.

Update [2007-5-8 11:29:6 by Dex]: Oh here we go!

Update [2007-5-8 11:30:47 by Dex]: What's the secret, Trevor? California sun says Trevor.

Is Rivera done? I don't think so, says Trevor. He'll be extremely fine. Infrequent work is screwing him.

How does Trevor mentor guys? Lead by example, says Trevor.

Update [2007-5-8 11:32:28 by Dex]: What do you think about Rocket and Boomer's comments? Boomer's outspoken says Trevor. Trevor can't talk since he's a closer and has to be there every day.

How's Bud Black changed the clubhouse? He hasn't changed it, says Trevor.

What does it take for you to win a Cy Young? I dunno, says Trevor. Trevor says he wants to win a championship.

Update [2007-5-8 11:33:17 by Dex]: What's your surgical scrub thing? Kevin Jarvis gave me the thing, says Trevor.

And that's it... You know what sucks about those kinds of interviews is they're just for fluff. Trevor very much keeps in with the company line. The only answer that I couldn't have answered myself was the Jarvis response. Everything else is was kinda lame. The interview they're doing right now with the Green Bay Packers season ticket manager was better than Trevor's.