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Open Thread, 5/7: Padres vs Braves

Here... Just to appease those of us who want to talk baseball today. Here is your open thread. Some stuff to go along with it...

  • Looks like somebody found a halfway decent photo to put up on the official site. I approve. Much less popeye-like.

  • Male Pattern Fitness (new SBNation blog alert) has a post about the effects of alcohol on MLB teams. In light of the Josh Hancock tragedy, it's a sensitive subject, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a lot of clubhouses do a lot of drinking. Troubling stuff.

  • Corey Brock previews the game. Can Chris Young win consecutive starts for the first time this season? I'm looking at the calendar and the month says "yes".
Finally, my top 7 players on Team Blum:
  1. Audrey
  2. Kory
  3. Ava
  4. Mia Lea
  5. Geoff
  6. Kayla
  7. Uncle Greg
Kory may be MVP, but I think Win Shares demonstrates that Audrey is doing more than pulling her weight.