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Random Stuff

  • Peavy was awesome today. One hit in seven innings and a no hitter through five and a third. I like this new version of Peavy. He's got his arm back, he's healthy and he seems so much more relaxed. You actually see him smiling out on the mound. Earlier in his career you could see him chewing himself out in a tight situation. This year if he misses a pitch you'll see him smile occasionally or just throw the next pitch. He still puts emotion into his game but he's learned to control it. He's just simply become a better pitcher than he ever was. We always knew he could throw, but now he can pitch. I've compared Jake Peavy to Luke Skywalker in the past. You knew he had the force, but he started off as a whiny kid, who was reckless and couldn't control his emotions. Now he's becoming Luke from Jedi, the one dressed all in black with the cloak. He's got that confidence that Luke had when he walked into Jabba's palace and was like "I'm taking Captain Solo and his friends. You can either profit by this... or be destroyed! It's your choice. But I warn you not to underestimate my powers."
  • Roger Clemens signed with the Yankees today.  Something about this really irks me.  Why couldn't Clemens just get in shape and go to Spring Training like everybody else?  He's so dramatic and lazy.  It's a shame that teams let him get away with this sort of behavior.  I know he's a very good pitcher and he has earned some special treatment, but to me he seems to really take advantage of his situation.  Yankee players are happy to have him in their Minor League system now to help their struggling rotation.  If he was really interested in helping the Yankees win a World Championship, then wouldn't he be there the entire season?  The real reason is he's selfish and arrogant.  He said he was going to wait to see which team had the best chance to win before he made a decision and join that team, but it was really about the money all along. I knew that, we knew that but it's just ridiculous. To make it even worse the PA guy at Yankee Stadium hands the microphone over to him during the 7th inning and he says: "Well, they came and got me out of Texas ..." and then he tells the press how Jeter called him once a week to beg him to come back. He's doing everybody such a big favor, but he'd really rather be at home with his family. If you want to spend so much time with them, retire... for real.
  • Have you noticed that the Pad Squad got themselves a BeDazzler? They've put rhinestones on the front of their jersey. They sparkle as they bring major league memories to you and your friends. I think one of the guy Squadders thought I was checking him out when really I was just bedazzled. No, really I was. It was the shiny things, I'm telling you they hypnotized me!