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Open Thread, 5/4: Padres vs Marlins

Way back when we first adopted Gaslamp Ball, there weren't that many blogs in Sports Blogs Nation. It felt kinda cool exclusive. For a while after that, I would see new blogs join the group and be able to feel like a senior member. Nowadays, there's a ton of blogs in SBNation and a bunch of these guys have grown crazy quick and have gigantic communities and even though we're still senior members of the group, I sometimes feel like we're seniors in the not so positive definition of the term.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, about two weeks after we started in on Gaslamp Ball, Fish Stripes FishStripes joined the group and they seemed young and brash and they shared similar feel (shtick?) with us. And after a few emails and cross postings, we got to get pretty friendly with them. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to really visit in a while except for here and there.

In any case, there was at some point an analogy I was going to make there with Dontrelle Willis and Greg Maddux and how they're both well respected, but maybe overlooked sometimes in the greater scheme of things, but I'm not sure that I really even came close to it.

In any other case, it's May. And even though the Marlins are a tough team (Miguel Cabrera feels pretty unstoppable), I believe in the power of May.

If I were you, I'd go over to FishStripes and participate in a little bit of Ichthyomancy. If you're an old Gaslamp Baller then I'm sure they'd love to see you again. If you're a new one, then I say go and talk some trash so that they think we've turned into jerks just to stir something up with the peeps over there.