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I miss May already

Last beard update from our man with the facial hair, matto619...

Here is the last pic of me with my beard, possibly ever. As May comes to a close and the Padres have a pretty fantastic record of 17-9, I can't help but feel partly responsible. You see, I see a lot of parallels between my facial hair and the success of the squad. First of all, both the Padres and the beard don't have a tremendous amount of power, but when they do, they go nuts. This is evidenced by the recent homerun-filled homestand and the sweet bushiness of my mutton chops. Second, there are random bright spots on the team and my face. On the Padres, those would be exemplified by the resurgences of Kouz, Cameron, and maybe even Greene after his grand slam last night. On the beard, you'll notice there are a few blonde hairs on my chin. What's up with that? I haven't had blonde hair since I was a baby. In any case, it has been a pretty crazy and awesome month. I'll miss a lot of things, like staring at myself in the mirror, being compared to the Cavemen from the Geico commercials, and just the extra weight it carried. Now if I shave it tomorrow and the Pads go into funk, I might consider a June/July beard. Emphasis on the word might.

Stay thirsty, my friends.