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Buy a Tony Gwynn Brick !

Dear Gaslamp Ballers,

It's me, your old friend jbox.  We here at Gaslamp Ball usually don't condone doing good deeds.  But if you purchase one of these Tony Gwynn bricks then the proceeds benefit the Padres Foundation for Children.  Let's be honest folks, children are our future and if we teach them well and then let them lead the way and we can kick back and get lazy.  Now I'm not even really sure what this foundation does, but I'm confident that it has something to do with children, so buy that brick.

I know what you are thinking, "why would I buy a brick to congratulate Tony when I can just spray paint my congrats to him graffiti style on a wall or yell at him at an SDSU game?"

Oh yes there is one more benefit.  If Gaslamp Ballers buy 10 bricks then we are going be sent a picture of Khalil Greene's wife and supposedly she is super hot. For some reason people come to our site a lot looking pictures of his wife. Don't ask me why. Apparently this is where people expect to find such things.

  • As part of the "Tribute to Tony Gwynn Weekend" presented by Cox Communications/4SD, July 20-22, 2007, a stunning statue of Tony Gwynn will be unveiled at PETCO Park and will be surrounded by a small brick plaza.
  • FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, fans have the opportunity to purchase these bricks with a personal message honoring "Mr. Padre" as he goes into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  But in order to have the bricks engraved and ready for installation with the statue this summer, all orders need to be received by MAY, 15, 2007.
  • To order your brick, or for more information, log onto and click on the "Tribute to Tony Gwynn Brick Campaign" TODAY.  You can also call 1-800-GO-PADRES.
  • Proceeds benefit the Padres Foundation for Children.

So if any of that sounds interesting or you were thinking about buying a brick anyway click on the link above.  Or if the prices are too steep, get a few friends together and split the cost.  Do what you gotta do.