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Are San Diego fans stale?

Ghosts of Wayne seems to think so. The trouble is, I don't like the suggestion that just because you show up to Padres games means that you're a "San Diego" fan.

Look, I know part of the trouble with the San Diego sports scene is transplants like myself, who could really care less about the local teams. However, that's not so true...I want to care, but in order to be a fan, it's got to be in an engaging affair. It's got to be push and it's got be shove, I've got to own that team in my own little way...let me explain.
I think he hits on the problem pretty succinctly right there, but he wants to explain, so we let him...
Picture it where a team could do no wrong and players were never blamed for underachieving or being a cancer to a clubhouse. Well, that place is San Diego. Where once again the Padres have put together a team totally incapable of competing much beyond the regular season.
And right there is where I think the argument completely falls apart. We're plenty critical of the clubs. I don't think Canepa's said one nice word about San Diego sports in 83 years. Within half a second of the Padres giving up a lead, Leitner will explain how "your" Padres just blew a lead. As soon as the lead comes back, Leitner once again takes credit. (To his credit, Leitner's eased up on that practice in recent years, but nevertheless it remains his modus operandi).

But really, his point is that the Padres fans aren't doing "more" of something. He makes this point:
Yet, what it boils down to with the fans and the vibe. Whether you get scolded for talking too loud or for locating your seat during the "boat races" on the jumbo-tron, it's always another fan that plays the law. The security guards and ushers are wheeled in from nursing homes or are too stoned to bother.
Though to be honest, I don't know of any Padres fan who will tell another Padres fan to quiet down unless the offender is being completely obnoxious. What the heck could he be talking about?
So that brings me back to the lore that is Petco Park. Look I'm not asking for a license to get drunk and start a riot. Rather, I'm just looking for a little leeway. People are going to swear, spit tobacco and talk during the baseball've got to realize it.
OK... So if you want to be a little rowdy, I guess that's OK.
That's the main complaint I have about Padres fans and Petco Park. They just don't appear to be that interested and take offense when the 50-60% of the crowd rooting for the opposing team turns things up a notch. It's not like I'm asking Padres fans to get drunk and fall out of their seats.
OHHHHHH!!! So you're that guy! So you're the asshole fan rooting for the other team, acting obnoxious and getting all up in a bun when we try to shout you down cause we're rooting for the home team and then you ask for f_cking leeway!?!

How about this. How about you keep acting like a dick in Petco Park and we keep shouting you down and you take it like a man and don't accuse Padres fans of being too complacent while telling us that we shouldn't criticize your transplant ass. You want to root for the Padres? Then root for the Padres. You want to act obnoxious? Then don't cry and whine when Padres fans get stirred up and try to defend the home team against the constant influx of transplants from wack cities. Don't act like you want to be a Padres fan when what you apparently want is a free pass to act however you like and root for whoever you want while pretending that you're doing it for our benefit. We'll handle our business just fine thank you very much.