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Penance for a loss

As Rob has kindly pointed out, there are no Padres position players cracking the top positions for the All-Star vote. Now, you know and I know that the All-Star vote is wack and it's a popularity contest, but come on. We should be able to get behind our guys.

We each get 25 votes (per email), so as penance for not providing enough positive thoughts to get Boomer a win against the Pirates, we all need to start voting for our Padres and especially El Natural. How Adrian Gonzalez isn't neck and neck Derek Lee and Prince Fielder is well beyond me.

Here's a ballot. It takes about a minute to do a single vote if you skip all the hemming and hawing and just vote for our guy. Do 5 of them right now. 5 tomorrow. Keep doing that till you go through all the votes possible. Then get into your other email addresses and do the same thing. Or just go through and do them all right now. Get your friends to vote.

It's disgusting to see Carlos Delgado in front of A-Go. Baseball fans in general should be sickened to see Nomar Garciaparra in the top 5.

Adrian Gonzalez is a superstar and deserves to make it to the All-Star game this year. Let's make this happen.