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Open Thread: First Time Commentors ONLY!

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

It's time to do a Gaslamp Ball Experiment!

I was talking to Dex about this last week.  Here we will have an open thread for Gaslamp Ballers who have never commented before.  They can talk about any subject or just say hi.

I just want to see what will happen.  What will you discuss?  What's been on your mind?  Let's find out!

Update [2007-5-29 16:13:14 by jbox]: Maybe nothing will happen.

If you've been lurking awhile and don't have an account you can Create a New Account here.

All are welcome!

Update [2007-5-29 16:39:26 by Dex]: I don't understand the rules. Am I allowed to respond to the first timers? -Dex

Update [2007-5-29 16:41:8 by jbox]: I was about to ask the same question. Who came up with this idea? Whoever it was didn't think it out too much. We finally get someone to comment and we aren't sure if we are allowed to respond to them. -jbox

Update [2007-5-29 16:41:57 by jbox]: Maybe we can get another first timer in there to pass a message along from us.

Update [2007-5-29 16:55:39 by jbox]: This was a weird idea. I'm really fighting the urge to reply to these new folks.

Update [2007-5-29 17:6:56 by jbox]: Man, this was a ridiculous idea. Really painted ourselves in a corner with this one.

Update [2007-5-29 18:19:54 by jbox]: This thread is now open to all!