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Stuff from the Weekend

  • If they handed out Cy Young awards two months into the season then Peavy would have one on his mantel right now.  He's gone 7-1, with a 1.47 ERA, 85 K's and a .231 batting average.  There are some hitters in our line up that could take some advice from him.  

    I liked when Gwynn Jr. thought that Peavy had walked him on four straight and tossed his bat about 10 feet away, but instead Peavy made him retrieve the bat and fly out to center.  

  • During this home stand I swear Mike Cameron has pulled up on about 3 balls that were catchable for a Gold Glove winning center fielder like himself.  Today he let a ball drop in about 5 feet in front of him in right center.  He had Cruz backing him up and there was really no reason not to charge that ball and make a great catch.  The ball was hit off a broken bat, but this wasn't the only time this has happened.  I still get the feeling he isn't seeing the ball well in the outfield.  His hitting at the plate has more than made up for it though.
  • I like the idea of giving Khalil these three days off.  Hopefully it has the same effect it had on Kouzmanoff after his two days off.  It'd be scary if our entire team was hitting at once.
  • We should call up those guys from Myth Busters and have them try and figure out what is up with Petco Park.  There have been more home runs in this home stand then the last three years combined.  It's true, you don't need to check the stats just take my word for it.  I just wish I knew what was going on.  Maybe our Padre teams just sucked before.
  • I heard Chris Ello on Saturday quote some survey that asked 400+ major league ballplayers where they would want to play if all other things were equal.  San Diego came in first place with 10% of the vote.
  • Bud Black really seems to be relying heavily on Brocail, Bell, Meredith and Hoffman.  We've seen a little bit of Linebrink but still haven't seen Kevin Cameron since May 11th or Hampson since May 19th.  You can't really fault him because it's working, but I swear we've seen the same pitchers out there every day.  Will Hampson and Cameron only be used to eat innings in games we are losing?
  • Anybody at the game today notice that the kid that guessed the attendance got a signed baseball and a kiss on the cheek from a Pad Squadder?!  The crowd let out a jealous groan.  The kid should have tossed the ball over his shoulder and planted one on her.
  • Dodger fans are still entertaining themselves by playing with beach balls
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