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White Jeans Guy

At Sunday's game, I was walking up the steps at Petco and I followed a guy wearing bright white jeans, white Birkenstock closed toed sandals and a blue jersey tucked in.  He was carrying a bag of snacks and a lumbar support cushion.  

Right before we got on the escalator he hugged one of the Padres employees in the Panama hats.  She looked surprised and didn't hug him back.  He said something like "It's just such a great day I had to give you a hug".  I'm not sure if he really knew her or not, but she said "uh, it's all good".

As we got to the top of the escalator on the top deck he was walking by the all the red flowers and bent over and gently held one and inhaled it's intoxicating fragrance.  He stood up and pumped his fist and said "YESSSSS!" and then kept walking.