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A few funny things from the game last night

I got to my seats a little bit late and my section was split by three sets of stairs.  I showed my ticket to the Petco Employee and asked him which set of stairs I should use to get to my seats.  I didn't want to scoot in between 30 people if I could help it.  He sends me down his stairs and tells me that it's on the left.  I look a the seat number and it is no where near my seat.  I decide to try the second set of stairs to get closer.  He tells me to go back and I try to explain to him that I don't want to cross in front of all these people.  He's getting really frustrated with me "Do what you want".  I go down the second stairwell and just before I'm about to get to where I think my seat is, he starts yelling at me from half a section away.  "YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE GO TO THE NEXT ONE DOWN!".  He's angry and frustrated.  I figure he knows better then me.  I go to the third set of stairs and cross in front of 15 people who are seated trying to watch the ball game until I reach my seat which was on the aisle of the second set of stairs.  I just looked back and glared at him.

John Weisbarth was hosting a dance competition between innings.  Two girls dance and then the crowd cheers for the one they want to win.  The first girl starts dancing and she's moving very provocatively.    During the dance I kept jokingly saying "THAAANK YOOOU! OOOHHH! THANK YOU!"  Obviously the girl wins and Weisbarth says "We better end this quick before my mom sees this", commenting on the sexual nature of the dance.  He awards her the prize money.  A little while later I turn to my right and the girl is right there, she sits down right next to her mom who was sitting directly in front of me the entire time.

I overheard a girl talking about how Chris Young was so tall that she could be standing up and still give him a B.J.  I was thinking we should start a new segment every home stand titled "Overheard at Petco Park".  People always seem to be talking about the most random stuff.