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Oh, Chicago. Let us bow before you.

Chris Young threw a gem last night, but the offense took a nap and we get a 3-1 loss in front of 14,763 Cubs fans. I just made that number up. In any case, we get it, Cubs fans. You guys are better fans than Padres fans. You're more passionate and Chicago's a better sports town. We understand what you're saying as you insult us with oh-so-witty Anchorman references.

Sidenote: Ending any statement with "Stay classy, San Diego" is right up there now with "Not to sound racist..." as far as something that apparently gives you free reign to insult San Diegans who express opinions or actually be racist, respectively. As if, God forbid, a San Diegan would actually want to stick up for San Diego. Like if a San Diegan said, "I don't like having so many Cubs fans around," I think the ultimate response would be, "Not to sound racist, but why the f_ck are you whining you [ethnic food] eating [ethnicity]? That's just like you and your [ethnicity]. Stay classy, San Diego."

In any case, we won the series, which is a lot more satisfying than losing the series, though don't let Cubs fans tell you that you should be satisfied with winning, cause real fans like to lose. Or maybe the reasoning is that Cubs fans are able to be bigger jerks in greater numbers and that's what makes them better unless San Diego fans are doing something equally jerky, which means that baseball fans shouldn't ever be jerks... Or wait... What's Cubs Fan's argument again?

As far as I can tell, you can't win with these people. When we insult the Cubs, we're the ones with a complex because we're a small market who doesn't know how to appreciate success. When we don't insult the Cubs, our fans are apathetic and don't care. When Cubs fans are harassed at Petco, we're not a welcoming fan base. When Cubs fans are able to outnumber us at Petco, we're off being fairweather fans.

And in light of those arguments, I'll just say, fine... You get to be right. There... You win, Cubs fans. Let us bow before your fantastic city and wonderful fans.

Incidentally, the one time I went to Wrigley to check out a game, they played St. Louis and it was a sold out sea of red. I guess most of the Cubs fans were at the Padre game.