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Name that Mii

I finally started pulling Miis off of my Wii to show off for you guys, but I figured I'd let you take a stab at who's who. We'll start with one that I think I got pretty good, but we'll see if anybody recognizes our man:

Update [2007-5-24 14:38:9 by Dex]: One GLB point for Drama. Here's another one. Drama's not eligible to score any more points. If you're coming up late, don't click the comments until you've made your guesses.

Update [2007-5-24 14:51:31 by Dex]: OK... GLB Experience It Point for ABY. This is the last one I got on my phone. This one might really be obscure. I'm least confident in this one...

Update [2007-5-24 16:21:56 by Dex]: And osbug grabs the last GLB Experience It Point! I'm gonna grab a few more off the Wii tonight. Incidentally, these are kinda hard to do.