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One too many pitchers in the bullpen

So when Clay gets off the disabled list, who is being sent down to Triple A?  That's the question.

Germano is staying in the big leagues because he wouldn't make it through waivers again.  He's also been so good in his three starts that he's probably taking Clay's spot in the rotation.

Buddy Black told Clay that there are no guarantees that he gets his spot back, which pretty much means he's not getting his spot back.

So then you have one too many pitchers in the bullpen.  Somebody has got to go.  It's Justin Hampson with a 1.29 ERA or Clay Hensley with a 7.62 ERA.  Both guys can do long relief, but one has a much better ERA.  I get the feeling that Hensley is going to get the spot in the bullpen, but I'm not sure if he deserves it.  Hampson has been real solid so far this season and you'd hate to see him lose his spot just because Hensley is back.  Clay has pitched 28 innings compared to Hampson's 14. It's a tough decision.

Your thoughts?