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Geoff Blum "One-on-One"

Remember when Geoff Blum wrote that strange letter to his wife in the Union Tribune?  We all thought that was a little weird.  Him talking about how she was the MVP of Team Blum and all that?  Weird right?  I mean it was a very nice letter, but just odd that he'd put it in the newspaper.  

Well I was watching Jane Mitchell's show "One-on-One" on Channel 4 and it turns out that Kory Blum is smokin' hot.  I'd be writing cheesy letters to her in the newspaper too.  I'd be reading cheesy poems aloud in the dug out and putting on little one act plays about how awesome she is.  I'd make such a fool out of myself.  Good for you Geoff Blum.

I think I'm going to make a little flip book out of these photos.  I forget what Kory was saying at the time but sure did surprise Blummer.

It's a good episode by the way.  They were talking about how the doctors told them that they should eliminate one of the triplets so that the others could survive.  They said that they had faith in God and thankfully all three little girls were born healthy.  It is actually a bit of a tear jerker.  If you see it on TV, grab some Kleenex, you're in for a good cry.