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Return of the "no hitter" Jinx!

We talked about broadcasters jinxing no-hitters last year.  We had a very lively debate in the comment section, I don't think we ever heard any comments from the broadcasters.

Now we hear from the broadcasters themselves!  It seems that there are three different ways that broadcasters handle a no-hitter.

Matt Vasgersian, Jerry Coleman and Ted Leitner just flat out talk about the no-hitter.  They want everybody to know what is going on in the game.  They don't believe in jinxes and especially not jinxes in the broadcast booth.

Mark Grant will say the other team is "hitless" or "a runner hasn't reached base", something like that.  He'll pretty much say anything except "no-hitter".  Vasgersian is in agreement that, that is okay too.

Andy Masur is more superstitious but is similar to Mark Grants approach.  Masur doesn't even mention the number of hits on the other team.  In last weeks game he said "There have been eight hits in the ballgame - all belong to the Padres."

I wish somebody would give us the bottom line.  Oh  here it is:

The bottom line: A transcript of Vin Scully's marvelous ninth-inning call of Sandy Koufax's 1965 perfect game shows that once before the inning and once during it, Scully used the words "perfect game." If it's good enough for Scully, it's good enough for anyone else.

It's interesting to note that nobody in the Gaslamp Ball open thread mentioned the no-hitter until it was broken up. Better safe than sorry, I suppose.