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May Beard Watch

I dunno. Something's been working against the Padres this May. I think 12-3 should've been completely doable at this point and yet... Maybe more of you need to send me your May Beards.

Here's the latest beard photo. Basically all the places where the hair was before, has gotten three times thicker and bushier. Even though I look like a mental patient, I'm very satisfied with the look. As for the Padres, it's great that we're 9-6 for the month, but there's definitely been some games where we should have come away victorioius. With the exception of playing the Brewers next week, the rest of the schedule looks pretty favorable and I think a replication of May 2006 is well within our reach. And if there's any other beard-growing Gaslamp Ballers out there, send in your pics too. I can't keep hogging the spotlight like this!

Actually, I haven't shaved in a few days. Maybe I'll just stick it out myself. Here's what it looks like:

You see how it doesn't connect along the sides and there's nothing along the cheeks? That's because I've been in the middle of puberty since 1988.