About 10 years ago, Major League Baseball sent out press releases to each franchise informing them of their newest, dreaded rivals. Our assigned sworn, mortal enemy? The Seattle Mariners. Our hatred of the Mariners immediately started to burn deep within our souls.

Here are my top ten reasons why we hate them so very, very much.

  1. On May 2nd, 2002, Mike Cameron hit four homeruns in a single game as a member of the Seattle Mariners. Has he ever hit four homeruns in a game as a Padre?
  2. Mariners manager Mike Hargrove played for the Padres at the beginning of the 1979 season. After hitting .192 in 52 games, he was promptly shipped off to Cleveland...where in 100 games he hit .325 and belted 10 homeruns.
  3. Whenever our heated rivalry with the Mariners is talked about...there's a false assumption that we don't do very well against them. Wrong. In 51 games, we've won 26 of them. Suck it, Seattle!
  4. In game one of the 1998 World Series against the New York Yankees, Mark Langston (a former Mariner) surrendered the grand slam that essentially ended the best chance our franchise has ever had of winning a ring.
  5. Those people actually had the audacity to think they could fix not only Ben Davis...but Sean Burroughs and Wiki Gonzalez as well!
  6. They always miss this trivia question: Who won the inaugural game at Safeco Field on July 15, 1999? Answer: The San Diego Padres.  
  7. Sports Media Challenge made a list of the top 10 baseball blogs in America and TWO of them were Mariners blogs. Gaslamp Ball? Not even in the top 10.
  8. Bill Bavasi is a jerk. Every time KT offers up the Mike Thompson, Craig Stansberry and Terrmel Sledge for Ichiro trade...that bastard just laughs and hangs up.
  9. They are beyond arrogant. Ever been to Padres spring training? I've seen players and members of the Mariners organization cruising around the Peoria Sports Complex...I swear, they walk around there like they f@@@ing co-own the place.
   And the Number One reason why we hate the Seattle Mariners so very, very much:

  1. Because the Commissioners office says we do.


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