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Bring in the Fences?

UT: Fences may be altered at Petco

"How can you watch the ball die in left-center and right-center on a nightly basis and not think about it?" Alderson said yesterday. "But whether we do something or not is something we will not address until the offseason."

Let me preface this by saying that the Padres really just need to make a decision and stick with it. Everytime the offense goes in the tank, we can't keep second guessing Petco. On the other hand maybe our pitchers are getting away with too many mistakes in our park. Either way, both teams have to play in the same park with the same ground rules. It's fair. Once a decision is made, the Padres, the Execs and the fans are just going to have to live with it.

Myself, I like a balanced offense and defense. If the Padres can figure out a way to make Petco Park a non-issue in the outcome of a game then I say we bring in the fences. That's my opinion. If they could do some study where they figure out how many home runs the average ballpark gives up and then make Petco like that, then I give it the thumbs up. I just don't want to pull out my conversion chart everytime I hear a Padres stat. "Well Adrian Gonzalez hit 30 home runs, that's 38 in any other park".

I'm not sure what that study would entail. Do we even know what is keeping the ball from going out? Is it that there is too much moisture in the air? Is it the wind currents? Is it the size of the field? Is it the shape of the field? Shouldn't we try to figure this out before we start messing with the fences? Let's put up some of those tin rooster weather vanes, weather balloons and those Doppler radar contraptions. Let's get some scientists and professors out here from UCSD and SDSU. John Moores has given those schools enough money, let's start pulling some favors. Have them cruise in with a bunch of interns and weather equipment. Make it a competition between all the universities in San Diego.

It seems fans want to see more home runs whether it's bringing in the fences or bringing in a power hitter. I think the idea of getting a power hitter is a pipe dream. I'm guessing there are only about ten major league hitters that could hit 30 or more home runs a year playing in Petco. Those 10 players are going to be really expensive and are not going to want to come here to watch their power numbers dry up. So it seems like a better idea just to get well rounded players and make the field play like other fields.

I guess the other question is, are we sacrificing home runs but getting a more exciting and entertaining game overall? Are there more extra base hits with the vast alleys? Is that more exciting for the average baseball fan? Are we at a disadvantage when we travel because too much focus is put on pitching and defense? If we bring in the fences will more fans come to the games and increase attendance and profits?

Hopefully a final decision will be made in the upcoming off season, so that 30 years from now we aren't still talking about tweaking the ballpark. I'll be fine with any decision they make, it is kind of nice to have something quirky about your ballpark. You can also talk about it like it's some living entity that swallows home run balls.

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