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Open Thread, 5/15: Padres vs Reds

I'm a little surprised by some of the comments being so hard on our offense. I know I make fun of the whole Petco Park thing, but there actually is a significant difference when playing at Petco compared to other parks in the league. Just like the Coors effect, there is a Petco Park effect.

Basically, you can't just look at our collective BA, OBP, SLG and compare it to other teams because they all play half their games in parks that are easier than ours. That being said, all our opponents at Petco will get hurt also so I'd say the easiest stat to use would be run differential and the baseball pythagorean theorem.

Using run differential, we've actually been a little bit unlucky and should be sitting at 23 wins right now. The Dodgers have been playing exactly what their run differential would suggest. If we keep scoring runs at the pace we score runs while holding the other team to what we've held them to, then we'll win 95 games. Is anybody saying that a team that can win 95 games isn't cut out for the postseason?

Look at it this way... Houston plays in a hitters park. We've outscored the Astros so far. That's not indicative of a weak offense.

I look at this team and I don't think there are significant weaknesses when compared to other teams. I think top to bottom our rotation compares extremely favorably to rotations in the division, which is what counts the most. Our bullpen is lights out compared to other teams' bullpens. Our offense is capable of scoring more runs than the teams we play.

Right now, we're second in our division and fifth in the league. I'm all for improvement, but I'm willing to wait out Kouz and Cameron. You can't ignore history and history tells us that both of them will find their swings and continue to contribute the way they have over the last couple of days.