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Some stuff to read...

The game was blacked out for me last night and I was getting frustrated just listening to it so after the Padres were up by 5 and Maddux's perfect game was broken up, I turned it off and read a book I just got recently, What is the What, which is about a Sudanese refugee and how difficult his life is. That's a Padres fan for you. Even when things are going fantastic, I purposely go with the downer.

  • Tony Gwynn tours the Hall of Fame. Good old Gwynn. He was always a Judy.

  • Petco is a pitchers park. If I were a better blogger, I would've been keeping a tally of how often beat reporters go to that story and compared to the "Scott Linebrink is on the trading block" story. That would've made for fascinating blog material.

  • What should we do about the "lack" of hitting? Let's ask Union-Tribune readers in the form of a poll. What would be the most popular answers? What would UT readers want to select as an answer? Hmmmmm...

  • Relive last night's game, through the magic of the box score!

  • From that previous link: Marcus Giles has a creepy o-face.

  • Marus Giles also has a creepy Malkovich face: