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Open Thread: 5/14, Padres vs. Reds

I was watching a bit of the Mets / Cubs game and Rick Sutcliffe was doing the play by play with Dusty Baker.  They were arguing about who was the better #1 starter.  Sutcliffe was saying it was Jake Peavy.  "That's my guy!  I've seen him pitch since he was 18.  When they needed someone to be a #1 starter for the WBC who'd they pick?"

Dusty went with Smoltz and other dude went with Roy Oswalt.  They were both wrong.

I just turned on Channel 4.  What happened to "Out in Left Field"?  It used to be the pre-pre-Game show that featured Chrissy Russo and to a lesser extent Troy Johnson.  Now they just have the one pre-game with Weisbarth.

Greg Maddux is pitching tonight and he owns the Reds.  Should be a good game.

Go Padres.  Experience it!