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Moderation is key

The Padres have altered their clubhouse policy when it comes to booze. And it seems super reasonable to me. They've basically spelled it out for the players that, while they'll still be allowed to drink if they want, moderation will be enforced. That wasn't so bad, was it? Moderation. So why is Bill Center so aggro about it?

But this latest round of righteous indignation from the media - and many fans - is a bit much. If I've read the hops and barley correctly, alcohol - in the case of ballplayers, mostly beer - should be banned from clubhouses because this is a place of work and no one should ever drink at work. So ballclubs across the land have caved to public opinion and restricted the postgame beer and in some cases banned alcoholic consumption in the hallowed environs of the clubhouse.
Like I said before, why does anybody care that much? Why do people feel the need to defend the "rights" of ballplayers to drink in clubhouses? Apparently, the players don't really care that much. If it saves a few headaches and prevents clubhouses from being enabling to people with abuse problems, then I don't know how anybody could possibly criticize each team's respective decision.