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The Idea Man at work

  • Padres should sell DVD's after each season.  Maybe even put some footage together from earlier decades. Though I don't want any player interviews on there. I was just watching Sterling Hitchcock's and Jim Leyritz's "One-on-One" and it was a little depressing. It's kind of like when you suddenly see an old member of Menudo and you really only want to see the current members. They definitely need to put "Tony's Greatest Hits" together for his induction into Cooperstown.  I could see myself popping that in on dark wintry nights to keep me warm.
  • You know how Hoffman is our 9th inning guy and Linebrink is our 8th inning specialist? Maybe we should just get rid of starting rotations all together. Just have each pitcher specialize in a certain inning. So each pitcher throws one inning every day. This way pitchers are everyday players but only need to throw 3 to 30 pitches a day. This would revolutionize the game, I'm telling you... I know you aren't listening but I'm telling you!
  • We all know how the Pad Squad shoots t-shirts and foam balls up into the crowd with a water balloon launcher. That's been done, here's a new idea: Instead of t-shirts they shoot the players dirty laundry into the crowd. Game used jock straps, undergarments and incriminating groupie underwears. People would think they were getting a t-shirt and be fighting over it until they realize it is some extra large briefs with tire tracks. This would make the game so much more fun, because sometimes you could tell it was something nasty because of the stains and the crowd would be trying to dodge it instead of grabbing it. The clubhouse guys would like this too, since it would cut down on the laundry and stain removal that they do normally. The only problem I could foresee is the Pad Squad trying to slip their own underwears into the mix. Then you'd the guys shooting their bikini briefs and girls shooting their granny panties everywhere and nobody wants that.