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Retro Night Review

Retro night is so fun.  I can't understand why they don't have theme nights more often.  I love the throw back '72 uniforms.  I swear the Padres should go back to wearing these full time, or at least have it an option for the pitcher.  Sports Writers love to talk about how these are the ugliest uniforms of all time, but I like to think of them more as "unique" and "sexy" or "sexyhot".

My batteries died (for my camera, I'm not a robot) about a half hour into the game so I couldn't take pictures of all of the players on the scoreboard.  I'm supposed to get copies of all of them though. The Padres Photoshoppers did a really good job on the Giles brothers and then got a little sloppy with some of the others.  They put Spicoli hair on Khalil but that joke is getting a little tired, they should have perved him out like they did to Eckstein and Ludwick.  That's a joke that never gets old.

You know what the other nice thing is about retro night?  The Pad Squad.  We ran into Pad Squad Vanessa who has since dyed her hair blonde to try and disguise herself and hide from the watchful eye of Gaslamp Ball, but it didn't work. Then we ran into Pad Squadders Kellie, Becci and Shannon who were all wearing Afros and doing their best Pad Squad Austin impersonation.

Before the game started there was this skate group that had the most diverse group of skaters. They were doing spins, flourishes, glides and kicks. It was very uncomfortable to watch because I wanted to laugh, but the skaters were taking it so seriously that I thought they might get upset if I did. I have a fear that if skaters get upset with me that they'll all make a skate circle and slowly start going faster and faster around me until they suck all the oxygen away and I suffocate. I can barely breathe just thinking about it.