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Are the Padres really thinking about Nevin?

This article scared the hell out of me.  I thought they were actually serious about bringing Nevin back.

Efforts to revive Nevin's career, most conspicuously by the Padres' radio affiliate, have been met mainly with indifference in the front office.

 "Where's he going to play?" Towers asked yesterday.

I really, really don't want Nevin back at third base.  I am going to cheer for Koozy even harder now.  We have got to get this guy hitting so that we never have to mention Nevin and the Padres ever again.  It wouldn't be that hard for someone to outplay Kooz at this point, but I think you have to stick with a guy that is young and has more upside then a cranky old has been like Nevin.  

Phil's agent Barry Axelrod weighs in:

"On paper, with his numbers last year, it would seem to make sense. But they (the Padres) made clear to us that it's just not going to happen. We haven't pushed it. We took no for an answer."

If I was Axelrod I would be pushing Nevin on the Giants.  Bochy would put Nevin in the line up tomorrow and then platoon him with a bunch of other crusty old Padres.