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Quick! We need a plan!

I know some of you are a little worried after the Padres have dropped 3 straight games.  I don't want any of you to worry.  Buddy Black has got a plan to kick start the offense.

1.  Put runners in motion
     Pros: Runners in motion will create holes in the infield
     Cons: You need to have base runners or this plan is gonna suck.

2.  Stay upbeat
     Pros:  Winners have positive attitudes
     Cons:  Maybe winners have positive attitudes because they win.  You never hear about the losers with positive attitudes, probably because there aren't any.  Plus how do you stay upbeat when you are hitting under .150?  "Hey you have 15 hits! --mumbles-- in 100 at bats."

3.  Give cold hitters a day or two off
     Pros: Players might need a rest both mentally and physically.  
     Cons:  While you're resting there is someone worse than you playing.  He's been resting this whole time you've been playing, the rest hasn't done him any good.