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Game Reviews

Some people (*cough* Drama *cough*) get a little peeved when we don't do a game recap, but honestly, I didn't see anything wrong with the game other than the loss. I'm not about to throw Bud Black under the bus for any decisions he made. Even the decision to pitch to Andruw Jones, which I didn't even think was a decision. Pitch to Andruw Jones. He's a great player, but supposedly the Cla's a premier reliever. Don't deprive me of the chance to see the Cla mow the guy down (even though he didn't). Who knows how Andruw Jones is gonna do against the Claw? Not any of you. Not before yesterday. And if you wanted to walk Jones to load the bases for Brian McCann, then you're walking to get to a guy who in the one AB that he had against Cla, took him for two RBIs and a double.

And as far as smart managers go, how many of the critics out there would've started Geoff Blum last night? Anybody?

The Padres went in against a tough pitcher and the other team came from behind. Maybe the Cla's not good for more than one inning, but it would've been easy to criticize Bud Black for not sending him out again.

If we split, then we split against a tough team on the road. As far as last night goes, maybe we should've won, but that's why they play the game.