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RBS is a lucky dude

Remember when Gaslamp Baller RBS caught two foul balls in a single game? The Fan Graphs blog tried to estimate the odds of getting even one foul ball. The rough guess is 1 in 1189, making RBS's two in one game a 1 out of 1,413,721 shot.

But the thing with RBS is that he caught a foul ball the game before as well! So, if my math is right... Three foul balls in back to back games works out to 1 out of 420,228,567.

That's a f_cking big number. Did I do that right? Now, I understand that there are spots in the ballpark where it's easier to game foul balls and ways for you to increase your chances, but if RBS was just kinda sitting there, doopty-doo, and managed to pull that off, then I'm impressed.