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Battle of the Blogs

Well, now we're officially degenerates. We've signed on to participate in the NBX Battle of the Blogs hosted by Dave Stewart. We're given $10,000 in fake gambling money to throw around the lines and see what we can do. We're worried about losing all the fake money and having the fake bookies come and shake us down for it.

Pretty soon, you'll see us on the fake corner selling fake crack to crackheads to make up for our fake debts. When it turns out we're not able to push the fake crack because it's actually flour (fake fake crack), we'll be forced to prostitute ourselves in the middle of the night and when you're at the point that you're prostituting yourself, then who cares if it's real or not.

That being said. If anybody has any hot tips as far as who to bet on, then let us know cause otherwise, we'll just pick based on colors and strength of mascot.

Update [2007-4-9 11:29:29 by Dex]: OK Here's my first two bets... I have $1000 on the Padres today. The line is -1.5(+173) and I've got $500 on Over 7.5 at +105. I also have $1000 on the Phillies at +1.5(-177), which I think should pay off well. So that's $2500 of the $10k so far. I'm wondering if we should go balls to the wall and continually throw all $10k into whatever bets are out there...