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More Pictures from last Thursday's Giants Game

We showed up a bit early to catch the last bit of batting practice and to soak in the last of the warmth from the sun.  Soon the winds would kick up, the sun would disappear and the temp would drop to zero degrees Kelvin.

All the pitchers were in the outfield shagging balls during BP.  Chris Young couldn't keep his hands out of his pants as these pictures illustrate.  "Hey CY!  Shag the other balls!"  I wonder if he saw something in the stands that tickled his fancy?

Here's two Padres that are no strangers to the buffet line, but deliver when the game is on the line.

Took a picture of the Giants lineup just because there were so many former Padres listed.  This was Klesko's first start.  I was laughing at them until he went 3-4. F'n Klesko never stops infuriating me.

I was freezing (have mentioned it was cold) but this cute little Padres Baby was just smiling and laughing the night away with just a small knit sweater on.  Must be nice.

The kayakers went home empty handed that night.