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Padres Super Fan in SF

As I mentioned before, it was "punch yourself in the jock cold" last Thursday at the Giants game.  We left our seats and went in search for something to warm us up.  Oh and we found it! We found something hot, dark, sweet and tasty...

I'm talking about the hot chocolate that we bought, it was so good.  Oh and check out this Padres Super Fan that we ran into on the way back to our seat.  At first I got a picture of him checking his cell phone, while holding a foil turkey pan that he used to shield himself from Giants Fans. I haven't seen that movie 300 yet, but I think they bit the costume design off of this guy.

When my flash went off at first he looked a little upset until I pushed my friend Eric over to get a picture with him.  Then Padres Super Fan put his arm around him and worked the photo with this seductive look.

It's nice to know that someone is reppin' 619 up there.  This way nobody will get the wrong idea about us, if they are unfamiliar with our fan base.  He's like our Padres Ambassador to San Francisco only sexier.

Update [2007-4-9 13:28:46 by jbox]:
BTW if you know this guy have him contact us.